The Important Relationship between SEO and Link Building

If you are new to the link building game, it is time to understand that your real estate website’s SEO is largely dependent upon it.

In other words, the success of your real estate website’s SEO is dependent upon the number of links that point back to your website. All of the major search engines look for incoming links, which helps them to determine the value of a website. Links can come from article submissions, social networks and web directories. Other websites may also provide a link to your site from their site.

All Links are Not Created Equal!

Even after you determine the importance of link building and begin working on providing links back to your real estate website, you must also keep something else in mind: not all links are created equal!

In other words, not every link back to your website will carry the same relevance or importance with search engine. So, all of your efforts to build links may turn out to be a waste if you haven’t taken the time to carefully choose the sources through which you build your links.

If the idea of link building – proper link building, mind you – frustrates and overwhelms you, don’t get discouraged! You simply need a good game plan and a qualified, motivated company to deliver your real estate website’s link building success.

We can optimize your website’s links so that you can be sure that your real estate website is valuable in the eyes of major search engines
  • We will find higher-ranked, quality websites in which to place quality links to your website. We will also ensure that the website’s on which the links are placed are relevant to your real estate business, thereby achieving a higher authority on search engine rankings. Don’t forget the other obvious importance of placing links onto relevant websites: more exposure with clients interested in the real estate services you provide!
  • Our link building success is achieved using promotions and marketing campaigns that attract only the best website partners that are relevant to your real estate business.
  • After we have identified potential website partners, we will then carefully analyze them and choose only those partners who meet our demanding criteria. Among other things, your website partner will be credible; closely related to your real estate business; and carry a strong search engine ranking.
  • Our qualified staff will provide you with article submissions and social networking goals, thereby ensuring that your real estate business remains relevant, especially considering the strong benefits of social networking in today’s businesses.

We cannot stress enough the importance of link building for real estate websites. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand the aspects of link building and trail off in link building efforts that do not produce the desired effects. Before you set out to any kind of real estate link building, you must know how to evaluate the quality of the links that you are procuring for your website. All links have some value, but not all of them have equal value. Therefore, you should know how to secure links of highest value for your real estate website.

Here are some factors that we take into consideration when working on our clients sites:
Status of Search Engine Indexing

It is important the page from which you are getting your links should be indexed already by the search engines. If not there is no use getting a link until the page is indexed. Some of the pages are blocked from indexing so make sure that the links that you are procuring are not from such pages. You need to check robot.txt file to now the indexing status of a webpage.

Anchor Text

Make sure that you get it right the first time when it comes to anchor text. Wrong anchor text can undermine the effectiveness of the link.

Authority of the Link Page

PageRank is calculated on page by page basis. Therefore, what counts is the PR of the page from which you are getting the link and not just the home page PR.

Authority of the Domain

Get links only from reputed domains. Even a single link from blacklisted domain can jeopardize your ranking.

Age of Domain

Try to get links from websites that have been around for a while. Longer the history of the domain, greater the value of the link.

Alexa Ranking of the Domain

Though Alexa ranking does not have any bearing on the search engines while ranking or evaluating the importance of the links per se, from the human evaluation, it certainly has a positive effect. If a website has good Alexa ranking then, it is an indicator that the website is popular and probably well linked. This is an added advantage for your website.

Links From Relevant Domains And Pages

If you were to be too strict with this factor while building links, then you would be left only with your competitors’ sites from which you can get links. However, links from related sites are always helpful, because such linking make more sense to the human visitors as well as the search engines.

Number Of Links On A Page

You may not get the desired results by getting links from pages that have hundreds of outgoing links because a page can share only a certain amount of link equity. If there are too many outgoing links on a website, then the link equity will be too thinly spread.

Follow – Nofollow Status

Today more and more websites and social community websites are introducing ‘nofollow’ tags to curb the menace of link spamming. This is applied to all links indiscriminately. Getting a link with nofollow tag is not going to do any good to your website except get some occasional traffic depending on the popularity and ranking of the page from which you are getting your ranking.

Hub Authority

You can find out the value of your links by finding the hub authority of the page. You can use tools such as Hubfinder to check sites that link to common resources in any given niche.

Placement of the Link

Avoid getting links from pages such as “Links”, “Resources”, “Favorite Sites” etc. These are not really favorable places for your links as search engines look at such pages with suspicion. It has been noted that links from certain sections of the website are devalued to minimize abuse